muscle 4 mind success stories

• Complete lifestyle change
• Beginner to 160kg deadlift
• Built mental toughness
• Lost 10com from waist

Rich Hall, 29

Retail Manager

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When I first came to Charley, I was battling the grief of the loss of my father to cancer by drinking and other bad habits. I knew I had to change something in my own life. Meeting Charley, I was nervous that in a few months I would drop off, I honestly didn’t think I’d keep it up. I thought soon I’d just slide back into my bad lifestyle of alcohol and other bad habits and the only exercise I’d get was walking around at work.

It’s been almost a year and a bit and I’m still just as excited to train as I was the first week. He has continuously encouraged and pushed me in a positive and genuinely caring way.

I’d say he has been just as important in my life as a psychologist or doctor.

Charley has inspired me to push myself mentally and physically. I feel excited to hear how I’ll be challenged each week and I feel a huge sense of pride from staying committed, keeping it going and bettering myself.

Since starting the coaching, I have seen my body change in appearance and I can also feel myself getting stronger mentally and physically. I now understand how important exercise, proper eating and sleep are for a healthy body and mind. Most importantly though, I enjoy training and I believe in myself to be able to do it!

I’m extremely lucky Charley came into my life when he did. I was in a very, very dark place and I think without even knowing it, his passion and genuinely good nature has helped me greatly, to the extent that I almost have my entire family working with him, because I trust his advice and guidance and want him to help them like he has me. What’s important is he does it all in a way that isn’t overwhelming. That’s extremely important because I think that’s where a lot of trainers slip up. THANKS Charley!

• Improved sleep
• Confident in the gym
• Stronger at all lifts
• Improved mindset

Viv Nguyen, 30


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I started working with Charley after having worked with a couple of female trainers previously. He was my first male trainer which was a little bit intimidating at first, but I’ve found Charley very approachable and I really like his holistic approach.

I am now finding I’m pushing myself further to improve my physical health and mentally I am looking at things differently, I am learning new ways to approach life and grow.

Working with Charley I have been able to take my sleep from an average of less than 6 hours per night to above 7, my diet is much better overall and I have learnt to make better choices and be more mindful about my food, without feeling like it impacts my life too much.

I feel so much stronger and can now confidently lift heavy weights on my own, and am challenging myself all the time with new things like Fun Runs, Pilates and Boxing.

Improving my physical health and staying on top of my mental health is important to me and I have found Charley’s methods really effective in teaching me how I can do it.

• More confident
• Now enjoys exercise
• Feels healthier
• Looks ‘more toned’

Jenny Nelson, 23


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When I first started with Charley I thought that he might not be able to push me or wouldn’t want to because we already knew each other but I was wrong!

I have found him to be confident and supportive and I always feel comfortable which I think is really important, especially when it comes to new exercises and things you’ve never done before.

Physically I’ve learnt lots more exercises from him and the app, along with the correct posture/position which I’ve found really helpful!

Mentally I feel more confident in my ability to do the exercises as I now know the correct ways. I also enjoy exercising more now too.

I’ve learnt lots of exercises that don’t require gym equipment which is useful to do at home and I feel healthier and generally more toned.

• Added 10kgs muscle
• Understands nutrition
• Confident with weights
• New, healthier lifestyle
Paul Dodson, 36

High School Teacher

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Being in my late 30’s and never having been to a gym before, there was a little anxiety and worry about how I might adapt to a significant lifestyle change as well as how I might find working with a trainer. Of course there were also some worries about walking into a gym with no prior knowledge and I had so many questions about food intake and the best things to eat that would suit my goals.

I felt completely at ease with Charley from the get-go. It was abundantly clear that he was both passionate and knowledgeable about training and more than that he managed to instil confidence in me that as long as I was dedicated to follow through, positive changes would come. He also helped me plan my food intake which made a significant difference to my training.

In starting off, my goals consisted of adding muscle mass and being pushed/challenged. You definitely get out what you are willing to put in. If you follow Charley’s advice and plans, you’ll be amazed with the results. Within a few months I had to put on close to 10kg of muscle! My diet has completely altered, and gym has become a huge part of my life.

Since starting I feel much more confident in myself and am so proud of what I have achieved. Charley’s love for training has had a profound effect on me and it is now something I share with him.

I have no hesitation in recommending Charley as not only a wonderful trainer, but a trustworthy and honest person.

• 140kg deadlift goal achieved
• Lost 5+kgs
• Eats healthier
• Feels better

Sean McIntyre, 25


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I always felt like I was not lifting correctly, a lot of the exercises I was doing felt very uncomfortable and unnatural. I didn’t feel confident and wasn’t really sure what to do when I got into the gym.

Charley was able to give me the guidance and education I needed and show me correct technique so I was able to do exercises like a deadlift or a squat with full confidence in myself.

Working with Charley also had a hugely positive impact on my mental health and I am now feeling the most physically and mentally fit I have ever been.

Although my weight loss journey is still ongoing I’m extremely happy with how much strength I have been able to build, and I hit my goal of deadlifting 140kg and have lost over 5kg while maintaining muscle mass.

Charley has educated me on diet and how to change & adjust it to get the most out of training. I’m now eating a lot healthier and feel better because of it.

Charley is very knowledgeable and highly recommend him if you are looking to get stronger, build confidence or learn about how to exercise and eat properly.

• PB 140kg deadlift
• Increased muscle, lost 3kgs fat
• Good relationship with food & exercise
• Incorporated new habits

Adrian Chu, 31

University Tutor

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My first encounter with a personal trainer was with a male trainer and the experience was not a good one. Before starting to work with Charley, I had trained with 2 female PTs and they were both incredible. I had some reservations going back to a male coach. From the start, Charley helped me overcome these worries by listening to any concerns I had and taking them seriously – however small they were.

Working with Charley has also not only helped me feel better and more confident in my body, I also feel like I can manage stress much better now.

When I started, my goals were to lose fat and get stronger.

Since then I have lost body fat and gained muscle mass (last 6 week block losing 3kg), become stronger (recently hitting a personal best deadlift of 135kg which has more than doubled) and also improved my mobility.

MORE IMPORTANTLY though I have learned much more about how my body works, developed a much better understanding of nutrition, developed a positive relationship with food and exercise and realised that becoming healthy and fit is not limited to the gym or the running track, but is a lifestyle that needs to be sustainable.

Charley is an awesome coach and an even more awesome human being!

• No more back pain
• Lost fat and gained muscle
• More confident
in and out of gym

Connor Joubert, 28


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Before I started, I had never trained in a gym before, so I had no idea what to do or how to do it.

I chose to work with Charley because he was approachable, and I liked his online style of coaching.

He was quickly able to teach me correct technique and give me the guidance to know exactly what I needed to do when I walked into the gym.

My main goal when I started was to lose fat, which I have done, but what has been even more important is I no longer have the lower back pain that I had every day, I’m so much stronger, I have more confidence and I’ve been able to make daily exercise a part of my routine and I feel a lot better because of it.

• Lost 25kgs
• No longer needs medication
• More energy and confidence
• Completely changed lifestyle
Paige West, 23

Makeup Artist

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When I started with Charley, I was at the heaviest I had ever been and had never had a coach before. I was really self-conscious about my appearance, and I thought I could never be comfortable exercising around someone else and that he would judge how unfit I was.

He has never pushed me to a limit that made me feel I was not capable which made me feel like I was capable. He was kind and gentle and never really seemed to care about weight loss being the end goal, I could tell he cared about more than just that.

When I started, fat loss was my only goal. But I have gotten so much more out of it. I am able to understand nutrition and calorie intake better and understand why I was gaining weight. He’s taught me the tools about food and exercise that I can use by myself so I can continue to do the right thing without his supervision. It’s been 2 years since our initial transformation, and I have been able to MAINTAIN my weight lost (25kgs). At my biggest I was also very tired all the time, I had no energy and was coming off my antidepressants so exercise and better eating was able to fuel me with natural energy and help me heal better after coming off the anti-depressants.

Charley motivates me to go to the gym to feel better and as much as I hate the idea of going I always leave the gym feeling mentally better.

My biggest accomplishments in my eyes so far are:

  • Lost 25kgs
  • Learnt about nutrition
  • Learnt how to do exercises in correct form so I can do it by myself
  • I came off my antidepressants
  • I felt comfortable wearing clothes again
  • I felt good about myself again
  • I gained more energy
  • I’m motivated to be healthy not only for looks but to feel good
  • I utilise food and exercise as natures natural antidepressants
  • I am now comfortable going to the gym
  • The most important one is that I now have the right tools on what to do when I’m feeling my worst, by now knowing that your diet, sleep, lack of movement etc all play a part in this. So now I can see what I am not doing correctly with my lifestyle and fix it so I can start feeling better.

Charley, thanks for helping change me. Without you I would still be overweight, unhealthy, unfit, depressed and have no idea how to fix any of it.

• Improved exercise technique
• Enjoys training & nutrition stress free
• Improved mindset
• Happier
George Jeans, 26

Legal Student

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My main goals when I started with Charley was to improve my relationship with food and learn to get the most out of my training. I already had a fair bit of knowledge and experience going into it, but I wanted to see if Charley could help me go to the next level.

I have been able to refine my technique and change my mindset with eating. I now know that if I slip slightly off track it’s not the end of the world and it is easier to get back into good habits. I have also learned how to structure my training better, and I actually train less now and enjoy it more.

  • improved technique and strength
  • improved mindset, no longer find training stressful
  • learnt more about food and training, especially amounts required for more optimal performance.
• Lost 7cm from waist
• Gained strength and muscle
• Learned sustainable nutrition
• Mentally ‘never felt better’
Triyan De Silva, 26


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When I first started the Muscle 4 Mind Program, I didn’t have any motivation to achieve anything fitness related. Charley showed me how I am able to achieve my goals and week in week out supplied me with the knowledge needed to progress.

When I started, my main goals were to build muscle and lose body fat. 10 weeks in, and mentally I have never felt better. From improving my diet to completing workouts, I feel really positive and I now want to further myself and push myself to new goals.

The biggest things I have got out of it so far have been:

  • Noticed changes in my body
  • Diet has had a drastic change for the better
  • Strength has increased
  • Mentally feel really good
  • Learnt how to give my body the nutrition it needs
  • Learnt how change my body on my own

I’ve lost 5cms off my waist, I can visibly see the difference in my upper body definition, I’ve learned to manage my alcohol and junk food so much better and most importantly I now have the knowledge and skills to keep it going forever.

I’m fitter, stronger and leaner now, and this was all achieved during the COVID-19 lockdown with no access to a gym.

I would 100% definitely recommend Charley and the Muscle 4 Mind program if you are wanting to lose fat, build muscle or improve your mental health.

• Lost 10kgs
• Made meditation a habit
• More confident
• More energy
Ashleigh Bell, 30

Childhood Educator

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Before starting with Charley at Muscle 4 Mind,  I was worried I would never find a way to lose the weight I wanted to lose. Nothing I tried seemed to work. I thought I wouldn’t find a coach that could give me the type of support I need for both my physical and mental health.

But Charley talks through everything with me and explains what might work for me and why.

He doesn’t  just say do this and then expect it to be done because he understands that a lot of the time it’s not that simple. We set any goals and tasks together and then talk about what I am going to do each week to help me reach them and the regular check-ins really help me stay accountable and on track.

When I started, my main goals were to lose weight and feel more confident in my body.

The 1:1 coaching program has helped me with both my mental and physical health. The support you get does wonders for my mental health, knowing I can message Charley if I need someone to talk to.

He also encouraged me to give meditation a go – which has really helped me since implementing it into my regular routine.  I feel like I have more energy throughout the day physically since beginning to do more workouts and physical activity in the mornings.

It’s awesome to reflect on what I have achieved so far:

  • I have lost 6.1kg since 27th February 2020.
  • I am feeling more confident in myself.
  • I have learnt that I can do anything I want – I just have to believe in myself.
  • I have learnt that consistency is everything.
  • I have learnt that all or nothing isn’t the way… Even if you can only do a little it is better than doing nothing.

YES – I would definitely recommend Charley and Muscle 4 Mind if you are wanting to make a positive lifestyle change that is more than just a body transformation!

• No more back pain
• Sleeping better
• Independent with health
• Built muscle, lost fat
Chez Arturi, 30


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“I’m now able to live a much more balanced life, manage stress and anxiety better and have learned how sleep, food and training affect my health and life.”

Before I started, I was unable to look after myself and my health, both physical and mental.

I was ready to make a change, but Charley was able to address me in the right direction to work on myself and make me understand what I needed in my daily routine without forcing me to do anything. He provided the right guidance for my self-development not only in the gym but also in my social life, personal life, work-life balance and in my relationship with food and training.

My lower back pain was gone within a few months, my mental health benefitted hugely from the training and my whole life improved with focus on all the main pillars and how to balance them (work – social life – relationship – food relationship – personal life – time to myself – sleep – health in general)

I’m now able to live a much more balanced life, manage stress and anxiety better and have learned how sleep, food and training affect my health and life.

I highly recommend Charley and Muscle 4 Mind, even just by following the Instagram page people can get huge benefits!