Hey, I’m Charley, Founder and Head Coach at Muscle 4 Mind. Firstly, thanks for visiting the site! I’m guessing you might be a bit confused as to what this is all about.

That’s definitely understandable, but before I explain, let me tell you a couple of things about myself and a quick story on how and why Muscle 4 Mind came to be.


I grew up in a small town in Country Victoria, and moved to Melbourne after I completed high school to study Exercise Science at University. I’ve worked as a Personal Trainer in a gym based setting for the last few years, training a wide variety of people and running a successful small business.

My other interests include travelling to lesser known places, getting outdoors and exploring, food – particular Mexican food, ice-cream and zoodles, reading self-improvement books, Hip Hop and RnB music and just generally spending time with people. But it hasn’t always been this way…

What is Muscle 4 Mind and what is the story behind it?

I started training in the gym when I was 16. I loved the results I was seeing and how it made me feel and got addicted pretty quickly. As I went on, being young and uneducated in the fitness industry, I fell victim to supplement marketing and started using some supplements in the hopes of promised better, faster results. One of those supplements was a pre-workout, which I began taking every day. Later some of the ingredients in these products would be banned.

I would feel incredible at the gym and have great workouts, but afterwards would crash and feel terrible. My mood was always down, I had no motivation for anything else and was doing very poorly in my relationships and schooling. I just thought it was because gym was my new passion and everything else must have just not been for me.

After a while, my Mum became worried and got me to see a mental health nurse, and after a short discussion suggested I may have depression. I then spoke with a doctor who fairly quickly diagnosed me with depression and prescribed me an antidepressant. I began taking the antidepressants and continued going to the gym, taking pre-workout daily, just believing that there was something wrong with my brain. I continued taking the medication without really thinking much about it for the next 3 years, assuming that if the doctor said it was going to help me then it must.

I continued to struggle with motivation, getting out of bed, giving up on things, and my grades were still not where they should have been. I also didn’t care much, I wasn’t getting as intense low moods anymore, but also didn’t get as intense positive feelings like happiness and excitement either.

While at Uni, I also started a Personal Training course, and after struggling through that too, I completed it and eventually got a job as a Personal Trainer. Other people began to trust me with their health and fitness and ask for guidance, which lead me to read, research and learn more and more about not just exercise, but health in general. I started to understand what we put into our bodies and how it can affect not only our physical health but mental as well.

One day I decided I didn’t want to take the medication anymore. I think quite a few people have this same realisation too at some point, that they don’t want to have to rely on a medication for the rest of their lives. Not long after, I realised I really didn’t feel right, so I went to the doctor again and he said that I was just having withdrawals, that it was normal and that it will probably last a few weeks. He also prescribed me an anti-anxiety, Valium. I didn’t want to take another medication, so I refrained from using it.

That brings me to the start of 2016, which was by far one of the hardest years of my life so far.

I had a string of terrible symptoms after stopping the medication. It wasn’t a common case of withdrawal, but I began having crippling anxiety – when I had never had anxiety before – intense thoughts, worries and feelings that I couldn’t handle. I had worse depression than I had ever had previously – constant sadness for no reason, mood swings bad even by my standards, and brain fog that was stopping me from functioning properly day to day. It’s hard to describe looking back on it over a year later, but it was pretty rough.

This led me to try anything and everything to improve my mind and body in a healthy, sustainable way. I had stopped all stimulants, even coffee because it only made my anxiety worse. Exercise was the easy part for me, I did things I enjoyed and it was a solid habit by this point. I then researched everything from sleep, nutrition, gut health and supplements to mediation and mindfulness, among other things, and also began speaking with a psychologist.

The crazy thing is it was all invisible, no one knew or could understand what I was going through in my head, and I think that is definitely one of the hardest things about mental illness. I still did feel the stigma affect me too. I didn’t tell anyone, looking back it was stupid, but I just felt like I couldn’t. I thought they would think of me differently. Up until now I have only ever told 3 people – my mum, my girlfriend and my psychologist. In hindsight, I can now see that they were possibly the most important factors in me being able to overcome my struggle.

I have absolutely nothing against doctors or medication, they can be great and very effective, I just thought that maybe if my lifestyle factors had have been assessed and addressed that I may not have needed the medication in the first place. That’s why I created Muscle 4 Mind, to take into consideration, and aim to optimise these other lifestyle factors to go alongside other health professionals and their treatments – like doctors, psychologists and dieticians. To look at the big picture and to go hand in hand.

I have been through it, and now I aim to help people not only look their best, but go from feeling average or well below average, to feeling great and being able to enjoy life to the fullest. Because I understand now that physical health and mental health are completely dependent upon each other.

Thanks for making it this far, I appreciate your time. Keep reading along of you would like to find out more!

Yours truly, Charley.


Muscle 4 Mind is different to anything you have seen or tried before. It’s not an Instagram program or quick fix challenge. You get actual support from a real, qualified coach who provides YOU with the exact things that YOU need to achieve YOUR GOALS.  

This is for people who want to commit to a system that works. It’s for people who want real lifestyle change, who value proven science based methods and who want to prioritise their health. Muscle 4 Mind is personalised coaching which means exercises, nutrition and support that are specifically for you. And it means real results.

It’s for people who want to be able to get up in the morning and feel excited, confident, energetic, grateful and healthy… and look good while doing it!


The 4-way method uses exercise, nutrition, mindset and support to create a more holistic change. Sometimes doctors, psychologists and dieticians may only consider their method when trying to to create change. By no means do I aim to replace these professionals, conversely, I aim to work alongside them and use all the tools available to take all lifestyle factors into consideration and get the best results.

The most important thing for me is to help educate clients on the most effective ways to improve their health. I don’t hold onto any knowledge, I share everything I know to help you get results. Sometimes it can be just lack of understanding or confusion about what information to believe that might be holding you back. Motivation comes and goes in waves, I know this. All you need is the motivation to start and then using the Muscle 4 Mind complete coaching software we work to create habits so that if the motivation fades, you have solid habits to continue on with. This creates a knowledgeable, empowered, independent individual!
You will have the ability to access all the awesome features included in the Muscle 4 Mind system either through a login on either your internet browser or the Muscle 4 Mind app. It’s smooth, easy to use, and is loaded with your exercise programs, built in scheduling, exercise instruction videos, food logging, habit creation and heaps more. This is where Muscle 4 Mind really flexes it’s muscles and provides all the tools you need in a really convenient way, wherever and whenever you need it.
Through the Muscle 4 Mind system, I can use my knowledge of the best scientific exercise programming to deliver high quality programs for my members. With the easy to use and convenient web software and app you can access these programs any time and track your progress. I use big, full body compound exercises to help you gain strength. This is the most effective way of losing fat and gaining muscle when combined with the right nutrition. I use a combination of flexible dieting and wholesome, healthy food to allow you to feel good and stay healthy while also achieving your physical goals. It’s simple, it’s smart and it works.
I can say with confidence that I really care for the whole Muscle 4 Mind team. I can say this because I only have 10 places for coaching at any one time. This allows me to provide the support you will need and be there to assist you. Not only can I create individualised programs but also can give specific nutrition advice, specific lifestyle tweaks get to know each member and their journey. I do this because I have been through a struggle myself and am passionate about helping other people get long lasting changes.
Feeling a part of a community is super important, not only for improving mental health, but also finding motivation and relating with other people who have been through similar things and are also on a similar journey. This is the aim of the Muscle 4 Mind community, to bring together like minded people who want to improve and can relate with other members of the M4M community. Be part of an active Facebook group, M4M group messages and team challenges and competitions.

I don’t like to talk about myself too much but I can say that I give my all to every member of the M4M team. I have invested hours and hours into refining Muscle 4 Mind so I can guide you as best I possibly can and I really do care about helping people make great improvements in their life. 

Muscle 4 Mind coaching is different. As the coach, I first get to know you, your history, needs and goals so I can help you as effectively as possible. The highest priority is your health. I coach you how on how to change your mindset and body and get great results, but without ever sacrificing health and doing it in a way that is sustainable. No crash diets or extreme workouts. It’s unique, it’s in-depth and it leads to a better lifestyle and great results.



Being online allows me to save on overheads like gym rent and save time by using email communication, computer software, and minimising commute time to and from a gym. This allows me to provide high-quality coaching at a price that is very affordable.

Wherever you are in the world, and whatever your other commitments may be, you can access the materials and support you need. All you need is an internet connection. It’s your location, your schedule, and it’s managed for you.

One of my roles as your coach is keeping you accountable. I take this to the next level with weekly check-ins, progress tracking, the habit creation techniques through the software and then also with coaching calls if you choose that option. 


The great thing about Muscle 4 Mind coaching is you learn to be independent and take control of your health. I help you develop the knowledge you need and learn the skills to create habits for success. You still get the help you need whenever you need it, and I will be right beside you but my aim is to give you the power to be happy and healthy, and not be dependent on a coach.


You can train wherever you want. While I do recommend using a gym if you can, if you don’t like gyms that’s fine. You can train at home with whatever equipment you have, be it nothing or a fully equipped home gym. You could find a park or nice spot somewhere outside, or find a friend to workout with. One of the great benefits to Muscle 4 Mind’s training system is it’s flexibility.


See the packages I offer and choose an option that suits you.

With a 2 week no commitment free trial, I can get you set up and started towards your goals and a healthier lifestyle straight away!


Phone: 0457 347 682

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