Here’s a little insight into my life and mindset at the moment.

I’m not saying it’s right and I’m definitely not looking for sympathy, but here’s how I’m looking at the current situation.

We packed up our life completely and put everything on the line to move to Bali in February. Both myself and my partner Paige had successful business’s back in Melbourne. Nice house, friends, family.

Life was pretty good, comfortable and easy.

Moving to Bali meant sacrificing all of that, but we still felt it was worth it to pursue growth from outside the comfort zone and chase our dreams.

Unfortunately, Coronavirus has thrown a spanner in the works.

Paige only got to do one day of makeup before all weddings were cancelled and I only got to coach one week at a new (awesome) gym before gyms closed and wedding were put on hold.

Paige lives for makeup and I love being able to work with people and help them improve.

I did come here to focus mainly on my online coaching business, but that is still far from being at the point where I can live comfortably from the income.

With jobs taken away, most businesses and attractions closed and no possibility of family or friends being able to visit anymore, it was definitely a hard choice to make, whether it was worth it to stay or not.

Combined with the feeling of being trapped in an island in a developing country, we are committing to what is likely to be a year without seeing loved ones or being able to work or earn much income.

You could see it as a waste. You could see it as a whole year, that was supposed be the best ever, wasted.

But what benefit lies in that?

Yes this year will be challenging. For everyone. I know there are people who have it ten times worse than I do.

But still, I had my anxious, fearful and panicked stage. When we had to decide what to do, and when I was also terrified of catching the virus (which I’m not anymore) there was 3 days in a row I didn’t sleep and felt terrible.

Talking to others actually only made matters worse. It wasn’t deliberate, but everyone saying how dangerous it would be to stay, how long this will last and projecting their own fears only made everything amplified.

I had to turn inside myself and focus on what I have learned helps me.

Firstly I had to start being more grateful.

2 minutes every morning and night before bed id put my hand on my chest and think of everything I was grateful for. I use this as like a negative brain override, using positive thoughts to override negative ones. This helped me get to sleep and start the day off well.

I had to disconnect from certain people and media. I left Facebook groups, limited time on social media, avoided news and was careful about who I talked to on the phone.

I really became strict with my daily habits. Exercise, mediation, journaling, reading etc.
With more free time and less excuses, this became easier.

I’m now proud to say that I feel a lot better than what I did, and because of that I can be a better person for the people around me.

I also had to feel like it was being productive and progressing. I think this is the big one.

I started working on something. I’ve focused on doing at least 1 hour a day on an online course that has been in progress for almost 3 years. I’ve made more progress this month than I had in the last 2 and a half years. I also made it my goal to post once a day on social media, to contribute rather complain.

I’m very lucky to be in the position to get to work with clients online and help them with their health, especially at the moment.
But the conversations I have been having with them have been just as beneficial for me, even if they don’t realise it.

Speaking with them has given me purpose, and it’s given me more meaningful human connection.

Even if you aren’t a coach, you still have the opportunity to help others and benefit yourself at the same time.

Everyone is struggling right now, and you never know how important a conversation you have with someone might be to them.

FaceTime with someone, listen to them, and sympathise with them. Remember that you have the ability to change how they feel. This is probably going to be more helpful than any coach could hope to be.

Don’t add fuel to the fire of fear and negativity that burns at the moment.

I think everyone can benefit in some way from the current situation. I don’t believe you have to come away from it with a new side hustle or a new skill, but maybe you might start calling people more. Maybe you’ll build in slow new things into routine. Maybe you’ll connect better with the people you love with. Maybe you’ll learn to be ‘bored’ or still better.

With a positive outlook, this can be a time of growth and even happiness.

We just have to take care of ourselves, and support one another.